About Agents in Style

Agents In Style Boutique carries new and consigned designer and luxury clothing and accessories for women and men. A place to define and refine your style, we offer image consulting and styling services. Located on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall, Agents In Style is a favorite of those who value well-made clothing at accessible prices. 

Hi, I'm Rhoda!

Fashion and style have been a passion for me my entire life, and I have worked as a fashion stylist as a side hustle for more than fifteen years. I have always worked in helping professions, from teaching high school to marketing and public relations services for companies. In 2019, I decided to open my own boutique, incorporating my styling business. I love working with people, especially women, to help them define and refine their styles. My consignors are, in many ways, partners in my business. I enjoy helping them pass on items from their wardrobe that they no longer need or want, recouping some of their investment, and feeling good about sharing high-quality items with others. Being able to offer luxury goods and a reasonable entry point, introducing many of my clients to the history and quality of well-made clothing and accessories is a brilliant experience!

Rhoda Wheeler

Owner & Personal Stylist